Team RS702

About the team

Mike Malabanan is an OG of 24 years in the import culture, it was only natural that he and his wife Joy Malabanan would open a motorsport shop that supported the Las Vegas car scene.  Shortly after they established Team Restyle702 aka Team RS702 in 2017.

As the months grew, so did the team.  Like all teams, there was growing pains, but it did not stop the progress on which the team was heading to.  "Trust the Process" is the essence on which the team fuels on, and so they did.  Starting with the team's debut at Elite Tuner Vegas in Feburary 2018, then hitting every big car show after that.  To name a few: 360 Car Show, Tuned in Tokyo and Ultimate Car Show. 

Within months, the team caught the eye of a titan, Vegas Automotive Magazine.  The team was featured in the July/August 2018 - Issue 4. 

They continue to grow, continue to build and continue to Trust the Process.